When you hire Smitherz Landscape to maintain your property it is more than likely that a spring cleanup will be the first service that is done to your property.  A spring cleanup includes the cleaning and removal of debris from all lawn and bed areas, the de-thatching of all lawn areas, and the edging and preparation of beds for bark mulch installation (optional).


This service is the last visit of the year when you sign up for a maintenance contract.  The fall cleanup includes removal of all leaves, branches, and debris from all lawn and bed areas.  It also includes the cutting and removal of debris from any perennial plants and ornamental grasses on the property. Finally, all lawn areas are mowed and trimmed to a height of 2.5" to close the property down for the season.


This is a service for clients who do their own fall cleanup but don't have the means to dispose of the yard waste.  Simply rake or blow your leaves into a pile that is easily accessible by a truck (end of driveway or side of road) and call for pickup. Please make sure that the pile contains only leaves and grass. If branches or rocks are found in the pile, the crew will have to sift through the pile to ensure that these items do not go through the vac, which can increase price. This is typically a same day or next day service.